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Woman strangled to death in Mymensingh

Updated: 10:30, Nov 28,2020

A woman was strangled to death allegedly by her husband in Jamtala area of ​​Mymensingh on Friday night.

The deceased was identified as Muimun Munar, 25, wife of Fuad Hossain of the area.

Kotwali model police officer-in-charge Firoz Talukder said that the suspected killer, Fuad Hossain, was absconding.

Quoting local people and the victim’s family, the police officer said that Fuad strangled his wife to death on Friday night following an altercation and tried to pass the incident off as suicide.

The victim’s family said that Muna’s husband and in-laws used to torture her for dowry and they escaped leaving her body at hospital.

The body was sent to Mymensingh Medical College Hospital for post-mortem examination.

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