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  • Md Delwar Hussain

Stop human rights violation in Bangladesh

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Bangladesh being part of the global village

I am urging the international community to stop the Bd govt from committing further crimes on the students who are on the streets demanding safer roads and justice for the victims. It’s nothing but political student movement

The world has seen the appalling /barbaric and horrific crimes are being committed on the unarmed hundreds of thousands of teenage students by the ruling party members and the police. It’s a Shame.

The mandate-less price minister has betrayed the students demanding quota reform and now the same tactics are being played to stop the student movement.

As reported by the media the majority of the people does not have confidence and trust on any promise being uttered : the minister who has believed to have hands on killing students has not only mocked at the demand of justice rather employed his loyal bus labour workers to attack on unarmed innocent students.

We declare our solidarity with students of Bangladesh and wish their struggle a great success

Keep it up my young not bow down to any pressure and false hope until you win and your demands are met categorically.

Victoria is near and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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